Exported scene from editor. Point lights looks different from editor?

Hi! Ive created a scene with a couple of point lights, a camera and a spehere in Threejs editor and exported the scene. But when i load the scene into my project, the lighting is way off. Ive tried to debug my own code by loading it into different example files and other threejs projects, but its the same everywhere except in the editor. Do anyone have a clue what it is im missing?

This is the view from the editor. This is how I want it to look like:

…and this is how it looks in my project:

Here is the scene: Scene.zip (887.4 KB)

Did you use a AmbientLight or HemisphereLight in the editor?

You have to set WebGLRenderer.gammaOutput to true in order to achieve equal results. Have do done that in your app?

Fyrestar: Yes. I have one AmbientLight but it doesnt do anything on this particular material when the material color is set to 100% black. Ive tried to remove it.

Mugen87: I will try it out!

Thanks A LOT for the answers! Ive been scratching my head for a couple of hours hehe

YES! Its working! Thanks!!!