Example of how to use CCDIkSolver with a generic SkinnedMesh?


Did anyone manage to use the CCDIkSolver from three.js with a generic SkinnedMesh(so not just with the MMD loader)?

I tried to ask on github but they swiftly kicked me out.

For good reasons. As stated in the guidelines, github is NOT for help requests.

CCDIKSolver was exclusively developed for MMDLoader. It might be easier to start with this project:

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Hi, thanks.
Yes, I switched to that.
Too bad, I think CCDIKSolver had great potential…

I had the same problem. I would like to use GlTF model and CCD IK.
Do you have any idea?

THREE.IK is the safest bet but it’s in early development and in the end I couldn’t use it because it’s too barebones. Honestly, if you can still switch, you should go for Babylon.js which has IK integrated in the engine itself, see this: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1EVNNB#15

sad news!:frowning_face:

Sorry guys that the project does not provide better support here. There are several open issues with skinned meshes in three.js (raycasting, bounding volumes, serialization/deserialization, IK) but we hope to improve this situation in the future.

Add oil!:grin:

Keep up the good work, looking forward to an IK system in three.js.

has there been any update with a character IK system in three.js using the GLTF model? I really wish there was a simple example