how to make an octupus giggle...

“ten tickles”

i had a little inspiration and decided to build this fun little sideline project using revision 142 of THREE.js along with THREE’s CCDIKSolver. I’ve done my best to work out a way of achieving a reasonable motion whilst interacting with the ik handles and although (for what it is ) it seems to run ok on mid range mobile devices ( P30 ), inclusive of post effects, i’ve used a completely naive approach to generating each CCDIKSolver so be warned it could be pretty intensive on older devices.

the code is open and readable on the linked page sinse i just chucked this together for a laugh,so feel free to fork indexNew.js and have a play around, I’ll likely write this up into an accessible live demo shortly too.

If anyone has found, does find any resources on how this could be done using some sort of instanced skinned mesh, effectively reducing it to many, many times less draw calls i would be highly appreciative of any leads to read into how this could be done.

happy monday :slight_smile:


I loved it, and I love to learn how you did it

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I’ve sketched it in the most primitive way to try to convey the idea but it’s pretty much a stress test, Im sure there’s a much more logical, light way of doing the same thing. It’s a small example I plan to work on and evolve in that sense maybe