Equirect background seems pixilated

Hi everyone!

I have been using the editor a while now and even after the latest updates for the equirect background I still see that no matter the quality of .hdr file I upload it comes in looking very pixilated/blurry. Is this a bug?

I am attaching the file and the screenshot from the editor.
outdoor_umbrellas_2k.hdr (6.2 MB)

Your HDR is 1024px tall. When you wrap it around the scene, it gets stretched out even further because the perspective camera only uses a small area of that image to fill up the whole canvas height. This happens even in the official examples. A simple trick would be to blur it, so it looks like it’s out-of-focus.


what @marquizzo said: you need at least 6x2K cubemap to look sharp at 1920 pixels screen


Thank you @marquizzo @makc3d

This all makes perfect sense now!