Equirect HRD is blurry in the editor and does not render on play

Hi I am having trouble getting the Equirect HRD to work inside the threejs editor. When I load an HDR image it looks very pixelated. Also on play the image does not render at all.

I have tested this with many different HDR images.

Here is a screenshot of my results with the original HDR image on top for reference

Thank you to everyone for your help in advance!

The support for environment maps in the editor is still limited. They can not be serialized/deserialized yet which explains why you don’t see them when hitting Play. If the env map is RGBE encoded, RGBELoader automatically has to set nearest filter which explains the blocky output. RGBE is not monotonic in its encoded state so you can’t use built-in texture filtering.

There are several issue at GitHub tracking the state of texture features:

So what you are saying is that equirect HDR does work within threejs, just not with the editor yet?

Well, environment maps in general are not yet fully supported in the editor.