EnvMap and CubeCamera

I am using envMap and generating the textures with CubeCamera.

The issue I am having is that the envMaps generated look like if they had a magnifying glass. They look magnified like x 5, so the reflection doesn’t look like a reflection. It actually looks like a reflection seen through a magnifying glass. So it is totally wrong.

How can I fix this? I would need for the envMap to do a “zoom out”. Thanks.

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Can you share a working example showing the problem using codepen? Or failing that at least some code and screenshots.

I have the same problem with the cube camera used to produce reflections. The riflection look like are too big for the object I have. Some way to zoo out the reflection?

I have the same problem, did someone find the reason for this?

this can happen depending on the texture mapping setting whether you are using
texture.mapping = THREE.CubeReflectionMapping
texture.mapping = THREE.CubeRefractionMapping

THREE.CubeRefractionMapping allows you to adjust the zoom distance using