Energy wave shader

He llo my friends. I desperatly need your help. :smiley:
I have to create selective bloom like energy wave, something similar to yellow lines from example that I found on the internet

But lines should be thicker and some of them all over the place.
So for some of them I used THREE.TubeGeometry with CatmullRomCurve3 as given bellow:

const points = [];
    points.push(new THREE.Vector3(-10,-4.5,2));
    points.push(new THREE.Vector3(-1,-0.4,1));
    points.push(new THREE.Vector3(0.2,0.2,2));

    points.push(new THREE.Vector3(0.8,0.5,0.5));

    points.push(new THREE.Vector3(12,4,-2));

    let geometry = new THREE.TubeGeometry(new THREE.CatmullRomCurve3(points, false, "catmullrom", 0), 512, 0.001, 64, false);

const material = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial({
        color: 0xffffff,
        shininess: 150,
        side: THREE.DoubleSide,
        vertexColors: false
   const line = new THREE.LineSegments( geometry, material );

But lines are neither white, neither have that wave effect, they just pulse from gray to white. I found out that vLineDistance paramether is what gives that wave, and that it is set with computeLineDistances() function but not for my geometry. And if I use THREE.BufferGeometry().setFromPoints(points) I get line that is not from point to point.

Please help me,
Thank you

I would use TubeGeometry with LineSegments, if I’d want to have an object with strange structure only

Moreover, .computeLineDistances() doesn’t work on indexed geometries (TubeGeometry is of that type). But the using of LineSegments with a geometry that intended for meshes, expecting to see thick lines, this is something unusual.

Is there a picture of the desired result?

Here is an example, that demonstrates the using of approximate length of curve in shaders to achieve effect of dashed lines on tubes:



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Hi thanks you all, I wind solution by using TubeGeometry from cutmullRomCurves for line, and for glow on the lines I use laser from following demo:

Is that THREEx stuff still compatible with the latest revisions of three.js? Haven’t used it for several years already )