Global Impacts (waves + trails)

Hi community!

Here is a picture

And here is a working example:

It’s all started with this question: WebGL GLSL Shader one wave over the sphere

At the beginning, I’ve used geometries of a sphere, then of an icosahedron to distribute points, but then I found another algorithm: Evenly distributed points on sphere - CGAFaq, example:

Everythig looked Okay, but the scene needed something more. Then I recalled about one of my examples, that I wrote as an exercise for my brain:

So, I took the function to build cycloids from that example and created a prototype for trails, using modified THREE.LineDashedMaterial:

And when I was ready to combine waves with trails, I’ve found that the stuff I want to create is similar to what you can see on the main page of Github somehow :sweat_smile: That was surprising:

I hope you’ll find something useful in ideas and solutions of this topic :crossed_fingers:


Very impressive! That sure had an impact on me. :sunglasses:


@Usnul Thank you very much :slight_smile: :beers:

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Really Cool, I must say you have found something amazing.