Does anyone recall an inline canvas threejs project?

Back when the cool dat.gui docs website was working there was a second project that had tiny implementations of webgl contexts inline web content. Thats all I can recall. It was cool though the demos, had 3d stuff which is always cool like.
Was there a replacement like lil.gui has?
Do you even know what im talking about?
I know webgl context can be sized down and a few contexts can run, but im curious if the project was doing some better memory management.

The next demo uses Suica, but inside it is actually Three.js. It shows tiny 3D canvases inside buttons. Does this count as “an inline canvas”?

3D canvas in a button

Thats not the original project (i guess) but its neat! I would assume the project website might be available in wayback machine but I would need a name. Dat.gui is in the wayback and Has the FizzyText demo but thats not the same. DARN Goooogley for sunsetting the api

It was on chome experiments, but it’s not there now :thinking:
The link is dead:

that was for dat.gui which you can find in the wayback
Its showing fizzytext but there was some other experiment that was using dat.gui i discovered in that site poking around that had this tiny 3d context using dat.gui as well

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tiny webgl context, do you mean ogl? GitHub - oframe/ogl: Minimal WebGL Library

That is also super cool! but no thats not it either.

There was something about its docs or base website that showcased it in little rectangle sized inline blocks in a page. I understand under the hood its all still the same full based library for the core which ever is used. I followed the wegl tutorials to build my own even. Thats just the part im curious of is what solutions they did to manage many contexts and other things I would like to mimick