'Do you miss the office?' sound generator

While we’re all working from home, we really miss the noise of the office, so we put together a virtual, clickable office with all our favorite sounds.

It topped hacker news yesterday!



I get a blank page on iPad.


I’m fine with absolute silence :smile_cat: i need to concentrate. I even wear studio headphones in my one person office to avoid hearing the noise/fans of my machine :hear_no_evil:


oh no! it works on my iPhone, i’ll try to track the issue down. Did you try on anything else?

I’m fine with absolute silence

Haha I really welcome distraction. Good weather, someone to talk to…

Yeah after work i enjoy this too :joy_cat:

Works fine on desktop :+1:

I just tried on an iPad Pro and it seems to work fine. I wonder what’s going on… You just get a white screen, no nothing? Can you see the console on an iPad?

anyone have any feedback?

the site is getting lots of press coverage, it’s now been featured on Fast Company and The Verge

i’d love to get some constructive feedback from the community, and work to improve it!

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sorry man, I do not miss the office

haha alright alright, i’ll do my best to fix that!

It took me a moment to realize I had to hit the play button in the bottom left corner to hear sound. Cute idea :slight_smile:

I worked in an office once. Lasted a full 3 months before I quit, and I don’t plan to ever do it again. This app will improve my concentration about as much as a children screaming simulator.

However, I do like the app - the minimal design and color scheme are beautiful, and the way you have used the 3D scene to create the UI is really nice.

If I had to make a critical comment, I’d say that the aliasing on large screens could be improved, although it’s not visible on mobile. Are you doing antialiasing?

nice, thank you. will think about how to draw some attention to it. did you immediately start clicking objects?

Much appreciated. I’m just doing this:
THREE.WebGLRenderer({antialias: true});

Is there a better way?

That’s probably as good as you’ll get. Are you doing any post processing?

No post processing, I didn’t notice much difference from the super sampling filter.

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