Lethal Recall XP - 3d & music

Hi all !

I wanted to share my last work with a music producer.
Here is the link : http://lethalrecall.com/

The main page is a basic displacement texture for animating the cover, just a subtle 3d effect for a 2d image.
The xp is totally responsive to music with a custom tool.

If you appreciate and/or want more info, just tell me !
Thanks :slight_smile:


Very cool! How are you syncing the musical events with the visual events?

@nicoboo please submit the project!

@Bill I have a tool which helps me visualize music frequencies and set triggers on certain frequencies.
So I can have events triggered by some frequencies peaks (like drums, or during a piano part, …)
It’s not yet updated but the base code is here : https://github.com/titoasty/beats
(I forked a starting project who died after a few weeks, so can’t help you much on the code for now :slight_smile: )

@fraguada done ! thanks !