Weird side effect

Hi everyone,

We are developing our own 3D viewer and I noticed a weird effect with it. From time to time when I open the viewer I hear a weird noise from my speakers, similar to some kind of electric white noise or a sound of wind. This sound is very quiet and barely noticeable (I noticed it only in the middle of the night), but it is there. We do not have any sound effects in our viewer and I am really curious why this thing may even happen. Thank you in advance!

Most likely just hardware freezing audio for a second in order to initialize a WebGL context, unrelated to software and three.js, so nothing to worry about and definitely no need to evacuate immediately.


Probably your GPU fans spinning up, or EM interference from the GPU doing real work.

That is interesting! Thanks for the info! However, this sound is not only during the initialization. It is kind of constant.