Is the Audio in Three.js ready for production?

I am having serious problems playing audio. Several of the Freelancers that I hire have struggled to play sounds.

One of them tells me: “If I cannot play that welcome sound in Three.js, I will use the native Javascript library”. Is that the case? Are there options?

I gave him a *.wav file and another in the *.ogg format, to see whether there is a difference.

This is one of the applications that finally works properly:

It sounds upon entrance, and every time the user clicks on refresh. It cannot possibly get any simpler.

Here’s a perfect example, posted here recently.

In the Internet site, it works perfectly:

In my PC, under Visual Studio Code and XAMPP, there is no sound.


In my Linux server, no audio, either:


I doubt that this is linux related. Are there any websites you can access from that machine that play sounds? If so, i think you should be able to do so in your three app as well. I do see a 404 for an mp3 file in this last link, but i also wasnt able to load the page at all.

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How do you see that? I have tried with the 3 main browsers and there is no 404.

Do I need to be in developer mode?

Also: Your tip was very useful. There is no sound file.

The folder “music” doesn’t even exist in the version that has been published in GitHub.

I will record the audio from the site that works.


Problem fixed!

I recorded the audio track from the official website with Camtasia and saved it as MP3 with Adobe Audition.

Furthermore, from now on, I will use *.mp3 files. They are known to work.


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