Do you like making games?


My partner and I are the designers of a prestigious jewellery brand. She works in graphic design, draw the models, and I’m more about 3D modeling for rendering and printing. Both we want to create something new : a mini-game portal allowing anybody to design accessories, that will thereupon be 3D printed. The goal is to make design easy and fun, so that 5 minutes and 20$ are enough to own a unique accessory.

We made a sample game that you can try here.
Bellow are some results with the brand new J750 3D printer, on which we will add silver findings to wear it as earrings and pendant :

49454835_531364317378586_6346278839466852352_n 49589796_1543357549132781_9085540192659439616_n

As you will determine by yourself, our sample game is not very fun, although we got good feedback with 12 to 16 years old girls. Though we made this game quickly as a pilot test, we know that we cannot continue without a game designer. This person will lead the game development (from the concept), while my partner and I handle the product design and 3D modeling. I will also help in coding, though I will follow the game leader.

If you like to make games with three.js, come and join !
As very few money was invested so far, any new member will get a third of the company.

If you don’t want to participate, we are still very interested to know your thought about this.
Please tell us honestly what you think of our concept.


The game is simple and nice :slight_smile:
But I didn’t get, what should happen at the end, when I have my filled class with topping and choice with earrings, necklace and bracelet? :slight_smile:

By the way, from my point of view, this topic is better to put into “Jobs” category :wink:

By the way, from my point of view, this topic is better to put into “Jobs” category :wink:

Moved it :relaxed:

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It’s only a viewer where you can choose to save your model in your personal library (which is yet not coded). We plan to add the metal elements to the viewer and scale according to the choice between necklace, bracelet or pendant.

Do you mean that you would like something to happen related to the game, like a score, or some reward ?