Casino Game developer three.js - UK

We makes casino games such as slot machines.

We’re looking for somebody that is:

  • Smart and a top class programmer
  • Has made a few games or at least prototypes
  • Has excellent written and spoken English
  • Excellent Javascript
  • Highly driven
  • Experience using three.js

You’ll be designing and coding 3D web games. An appreciation of design and game mechanics is nice to have.

You need to have made some games as a job or as a hobby, even if just prototypes.

There is be a significant performance bonus additional to the salary.

If you’re interested, please send your CV to:
With subject: [JOB ENQUIRY - ]

Letting me know:

  • What you are best at, your main skills
  • What you’ve done, with examples
  • What you’re interested in doing going forward
  • Your hourly or monthly salary expectations
  • Where you are based in the world