For Hiring ThreeJs/R3f $3k-$5k monthly

Im currently building blockchain game, but lately i can no longer focus for that as i need to lead member for design, marketing, and blockchain stuff.
I will lead you to take care only the 3D game logic and not the UIUX.

$3k-$5k monthly with option of promotion and royalty

Please input your experience and your prev work.
Preferable with someone have experience with physics RAPIER or JOLT

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I.m threejs developer and 3d designer
I build these games for blockchain website

WhatsApp : +21626018624
Telegram : @Mejdikazdarlli


I am very interested in the opportunity you have available. I have experience deploying websites using R3F/ThreeJs, and here are two examples of my work:

Additionally, I have a personal portfolio with multiple interactive components and games that I’d be happy to demonstrate during a call if the above websites do not fully convey my skills. I believe the work showcased in my portfolio will provide a comprehensive view of my capabilities.

Please feel free to DM me or send an email to if my websites spark your interest or if you would like to see more of my work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards


Game? your website just load the 3d model and stuff.
No mechanic involved there to be called as game

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you can DM me and send me video.
imnot interested with your examples.

Got any more info about your blockchain game?
Genre, Mechanics, Marketing material, or Screenshots?

I am a Three.js / Cannon.js (physics) dev :

Hi @dellwatson,

I am interested in your project and I can help you.

I have good experience in physics RAPIER and Cannon.js

Please DM.

Thank you.

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you can look more on this:

Team will take care marketing, we build 2 games.
one of them STAR-EX it has multi-gameplay, so multi-genre.
knowing shader is better.
The other game is confidential

Your screenshots just show some 3d model and stuff.
No mechanic involved there to be called as game


you know screenshot doesnt move sir,
so obviously only show some 3d model and stuff

here’s the video of prototype mini-game (max 8mb sharing here) low bitrate:

there are 5 core gameplays:

  • exploration (3rd person)
  • racing
  • etc

but there are also other game teams working on.
We are looking for 3-5 devs to join with at least not beginner.

if you don’t interest, you dont need to reply in this thread @manthrax

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I just responded to you like you responded to another user who was trying to show you something.

Sorry if that made you uncomfortable.

I will respond in whatever thread I please, thanks.

p.s. thanks for the video. :smiley: looks cool.

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nah, the game in video still trashy.
yup i made that, but it’s still far from what i want to build even as mini-game.

if only i dont have to worry to sustain fund for team, and can focus code the game.
it’s just because there’s so many task, on FE, on BE, on smart contract, preparing pitching for investor, joining podcast, finalise whitepaper, gamebook etc.

so pile of task on game improvement has been stuck. dev who will join will be more relax, cause i already know what they can help or to do.

What is your time frame for completion of deliverables? I’m assuming you are trying to get a working prototype for your pitch? Also not sure if you got a chance to check out my link, but regardless I’m still interested in joining and helping with relieving some of the work load for your team.

No deliverables for new dev.
I separated this between short term, long term priority.

The prototype is already done, what i need is dev who can help to make progress (which will handle long term task).
and even if i want something a quick change for another demo let’s say, i can code it right away to make the change

Hi, Client.
As a Game developer, I am very interested in your idea and project, position.
I already sent you DM(direct message) to include my past game work.
Besides, I am ready for any technical test for you
Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Seasoned Three.js/R3F expert.
Let’s talk!
All Best!

I participate in the development of the project:

I have little experience using RAPIER
Since 2021 I have been mainly working on 3D using threejs.
Since 2022, I began to devote more time to studying mathematics and physics.
Since 2023 I have been learning SOLID, Design Patterns, Algorithms and Data Structures.

English level via Google translate