ThreeJS MMORPG game developer

Hello, guys.

Looking for an skilled Three.js 3D game developer who will develop our MMO-RPG game.

Tech stacks:
React, React-three fiber, Postprocessing, Typescript, GSAP, Rapier

Should be available to start working immediately.

Location / salary / timeframe? Is this a crypto thing?


I have rich experience in 3D game development using R3F.
Three.js is my specialty and I have strong skills in animation, rendering, shader, etc.
I would like to discuss with you in more detail.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


I have got extensive experiences with the Three.js.
I’d like to join in your project.

Thank you.

Hi alchemist777

I’m eager to apply for the Three.js 3D Game Developer role to develop your MMO-RPG game. With extensive experience in MMO-RPG game development and proficiency in React, React-three fiber, Typescript, GSAP, and Rapier, I’m prepared to contribute immediately.

Key Skills:

  • Three.js: Expertise in creating immersive 3D games.
  • React-three fiber: Proficient in leveraging React for 3D rendering.
  • Postprocessing and GSAP: Skilled in enhancing visuals and animations.
  • Typescript: Strong ability in type-safe coding.
  • Rapier: Familiar with physics engine integration for realistic game mechanics.


I’m available to start immediately and excited about the opportunity to contribute to your project.

Best regards,
samuel emmanuel

Hi, alchemist777!

My name is Daniel. I have extensive experience working on web based 3d rendering, developing a complex 3d configurator and even implemented a demo basketball game that you can find on my portfolio.

Working on a game would be awesome, but working on a MMO would be a dream. (:

You can find all my contacts through my portfolio as well.


Very interesting suggestion.
I think I can work with you.
I’m ready to start right now.

Hello, how are you?
I am a passionate and creative 3d Game developer.
I am familiar with R3F and React.js and so on.
I 'd like to discuss more detail.
Thank you.