Do WebGPU PointsMaterial atrributes work?

I have an app that is running fine with WebGL renderer.
I am trying to port it to WebGPU.
The app has a pointcloud shown, where I change the size of the points and also apply a texture to them.
Unfortunately, it seems in WebGPU the texture does not get applied, and also the size can not be changed.
Am I missing something? Is this implemented for WebGPU?

const point_material = new THREE.PointsMaterial({
	color: color(0xFFFFFF ),  // Particle color
	size: 10, // Particle size
	transparent: true,  // Enable transparency
	opacity: 1.0, // Particle opacity
	alphaTest: 0.5, 
	map: new THREE.TextureLoader().load("./point_template_45.png")

const geometry = new THREE.BufferGeometry();
geometry.setAttribute('position', new THREE.Float32BufferAttribute(vertices, 3 ) );

const points = new THREE.Points( geometry, point_material );

scene.add(points );

WebGPU does not support point sizes > 1. Hence, InstancedPoints was introduced. Check out the following example.

I believe InstancedPointsNodeMaterial does not yet support maps so it’s best to file a feature request for that at GitHub.