Questions about PointsMaterial

In version 0.162.0, I set the map property to the PointsMaterial material, but there was an issue with rendering. The change was not the shape of a single point, but rather the overall shape rendering style. When I switched to rendering under version 0.137.5, it was the result I wanted. Is it because the new version has a new writing style?Here are some comparison pictures I have provided
no map

what I wanted

my code

const pointsMaterial = new THREE.PointsMaterial();
pointsMaterial.size = 0.1;
// pointsMaterial.sizeAttenuation = false;

const textureLoader = new THREE.TextureLoader();
const texture = textureLoader.load("./textures/particles/1.png", event.onLoad); = texture;

const points = new THREE.Points(sphereGeometry, pointsMaterial);

This is not the rendering result I wanted. After switching versions, it can render normally
My texture image looks like this

So how should I code in the new version to achieve the rendering effect I want?

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Try Material.transparent

Try removing the UV coordinates of your geometry:

sphereGeometry.deleteAttribute( 'uv' );

oh~thank you!!!!!May I ask why? I am a beginner~Do I have to code like this in the new version, or do I have any errors in my code?

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Three.js r137 was, like, more than 2 years ago. Things evolve. If you manually create the geometry for THREE.Points, it will be OK. If you reuse the vertices from another geometry, it may contain UVs … and you have to remove them.

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ok, I understand. Thank you for your answer :smiling_face: