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This is my code

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Basically trying to do a point cloud visualization on the web side. (Yes i know, there are many other methods like using unreal, unity etc. ). However i have decided to try webgpu to get this working and i could certainly use the computing power because i would be displaying at least 6-10 million points. With WebGL i was barely able to display 10m points.

The issue i face is that for some reason, i cannot use pointMaterial which helps with performance a ton. I am now forced to use BoxGeometry and BoxMaterial. This causes so much of performance impact mainly due to rendering the extra geometry itself.

Is there any way to use points (Any workarounds) or any suggestions to make this work with a lot more points. I was able to generate up to 2 million without much issues and its so smooth compared to webgl. Any suggestions to use points, or improve my code when using webgpu is very much appreciated.

i want to know why you cannot use Point


my bad. It was the change in syntax that threw me off. Sad there is no documentation. re. threejs and webgpu.