Distortion of the model due to being too far from the origin

I created a world map with the world origin at the geographic longitude and latitude origin At this point, I placed a robot in the Chinese region, but the robot was distorted; But when I place the robot at the origin of the world, it can display normally
[world map]

[Distorted robots]
I want to know why robots are distorted

There’s no reason for the geometry to distort, so I think it may be how you are viewing it.
If you have a perspective camera, the object will naturally distort towards the edges of the screen due to natural perspective. Do you have some code we can look at?

The distortion looks like a numerical precision issue. If you scale your units down by a factor of 100 or so, the problem may go way.
GPU programs operate in 32 or 16 bit float precision… not 64 bit like you have in javascript, so you have to be careful how large units you use in your scene…
The actual available range depends on a lot of factors, so this is just a rough guess.

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