Change the origin and stretch from left to right

hello everyone!
I’m exporting a model from blender. The default origin is the center of the cabinet. I want to be able to customize its origin.
For example: define the origin of the whole model to be at the bottom center, and when changing its height, change it from the bottom up instead of from the center; the origin that defines the entire model is on the left, changing from left to right as you change the width.
I’ve tried translate, but it’s a little inconvenient. Is there a better way?

This might help you:

thx! I am using translate now. If there is no more convenient way, it is translate.
I think it is too cumbersome to use, maybe I need to encapsulate a method for it to be more convenient to use.

There is a second way in that topic - to put your model inside an Object3D and set model position inside that object, it works as an offset of your local coordinate system and you can use the Object3D as your new model.

thx, i’ll try