Different result with same value in threejs and React-three-fiber

I am using recently populated SSR by the person name “0beqz” from here GitHub - 0beqz/screen-space-reflections: Implements Screen Space Reflections in three.js

I am getting different result in pure three.js and different in react-three-fiber
I think I’m missing some step in between.

The values for both are the same.

In React-three-fiber

In pure threejs
the below gui does not have min-max, that’s why they look different.

here is the code : ssr-test - CodeSandbox

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ssr is changing drastically, just the last couple of releases changed how most props work. many of the props you have there don’t exist any longer, for instance raystep.

it has to first settle into a stable foundation. until then you pretty much have to assume that every release will look different. the react example uses an older ssr.


@drcmda when you said react, you meant in R3f . If yes then which version of SSR does R3f have currently?

it would make more sense imo to go to ssr and study the new props. the last ssr i used that had the old props was 2.1.1 or i guess rt/postprocessing 2.6.1. i think more changes are upcoming since yannic is working on ssr global illumination now so expect some breaking changes there as well.

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