Different colors when upgrading to 0.152.2

After upgrading to 0.152.2, some really basic color things seem to be working in a weird way. In the picture below, I have a gtlf with a transparent plane with a black gradient that serves as a shadow below my ghost. The colors look really different in this version, but a simple black gradient seems like it should be fairly straight forward as far as how it is rendered. It’s all weird and grey instead of just a simple black. I’ve tried messing around with the outputColorSpace options, but no real luck. Any help is appreciated!


It looks like the light from behind the XX’s is shooting out the bottom and overwhelming the shadow? If the light IS behind projected downward like down a tube, the 152 version actually seems more correct. Maybe put some kind of flat spacer below the light to block it and see if the shadow returns?

Thanks for the reply. There is no light there and this isn’t a generated shadow. It’s literally just a plane with a black gradient as the texture.

Do you define a color space for this texture? It’s best if you share the code that shows how you load the texture and setup your renderer.