Changes in PlaneBufferGeometry => PlaneGeometry since 0.143.0

If I run the Three-Particle-Fire demo (=^.^=) on the latest version of Three the textures are darker and subdued (both the grass and the fire textures). The only code change needed was PlaneBufferGeometry => PlaneGeometry, so I wasn’t expecting rendering differences and I’m not really sure where to poke around to fix it up.

I tracked it down to 0.152.0, which led me here: Updates to Color Management in three.js r152

Setting THREE.ColorManagement.enabled = false; irons out most of the problems with the fire texture

Setting renderer.outputColorSpace = THREE.LinearSRGBColorSpace improves the grass texture but is too dark.

I’ll dig-in to the forum thread some more, now that I tracked down where this happened.

It’s best if three-particle-fire is migrated to a newer version of three.js since you really want color management and a sRGB workflow for best visual results. Try to file a feature request here:

Yeah, changing to the legacy color management was just to verify that I’d found the problem, next step is to bring the code in line with the new color management approach.

I’ll try creating an issue but there hasn’t been any activity for a couple years and I suspect the author has moved on to other things.

I can also take a stab at making the necessary modifications myself, I’ve already adapted the code to work as a component with R3F. I just need to dig deeper into the post on the r152 changes and figure out what part(s) need to be modified to use the new color management workflow. Any hints or help in that direction would be welcomed. [Edit to add that in this case I don’t personally care about the grass texture in the demo, just straightening out the fire textures]