Updated three.js from r143 to r164, now my scene looks washed out. Why?

Hi guys!
Could you help me out debugging this issue? The colors now look all washed out. (see below)
I updated my application’s underlying three.js engine and somewhere I messed it up or some default values were changed between r143 and r164. I had no success so far, so I thought I could give it a try asking it here. I’m thinking that something is messed up with my WebGLRenderer or with my Texture factory.
Thanks in advance for all the help! :slight_smile:

I’d dare say most of default values related to lights and colors have been changed between these two releases - related 1, related 2. In both threads there’s a section related to porting previous versions of three to the new lights & color setup.

But in case of the screenshots - (1) change all .encoding in textures to .colorSpace, and (2) make sure color textures (ie. scene.background texture and .map textures on the models) are SRGB encoded - then things should look good again :ok_hand:

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Thanks! First I disabled ColorManagement, so I could just focus on migrating the lights.

I multiplied all ambient, directional and hemisphere lights by Math.PI, but now the scene look brighter than before. I guess I could tune the multiplier, but first I’d like to know why.

The migration guide said that this change should suffice: “The intensities for ambient, hemisphere, directional lights and light maps can be restored by multiplying PI with the existing light intensity values.”

And yeah, the same thing happens if I don’t change a thing and I just set useLegacyLight to true. Shouldn’t ColorManagement.enabled = false and useLegacyLights = true cause the scene to look just as before? :\

Thanks in advance!