Die Cidretasse / The cup of cider

Hi community!
Here is the result of the coding for one evening :slight_smile:


Demo: https://codepen.io/prisoner849/full/poBwLRG


Good! The bubbles are fun.

Reminds me of a mug I made some 11 years ago with OpenGL.


Since we’re sharing our mugs, here’s mine from ~2015 :smiley:



This is cool!
I liked the moment when the handle appears inside :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, I recall that I’ve seen that cute mug before. Very nice one :slight_smile:


Very nice!
So you animated the bubbles by using context to redraw the textures with each iteration?
I have used context to create textures for three.js, but never used it to animate a texture in real time.
This may be just what I need to add random bits of foam, etc. to my ocean textures.
Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, I like to combine 2d and WebGL :slight_smile:
The same approach here for the display: Die Digitaluhr / The digital clock

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I had seen your clock, but didn’t realize you were using context to create the text and numbers. For months, I had been trying to find ways to draw animated labels and numbers locally (using either textures or geometry) and finally figured out how to do so with TextGeometry. (Part of the challenge was that I needed flat one-sided text and numbers that would be readable from both sides.) I had not even considered using context and I don’t think it is mentioned as an option in the three.js documentation. If not, it should be as it is probably the best alternative to TextGeometry. These little tchotchkes are works of art, both on the outside and on the inside. Keep 'em coming!

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