Thank you three.js Team and Contributors

Thank you three.js Team and Contributors for you effort and continues support!

I just wanted to thank you very much for this project and the reliability it has gained!
I have used three.js on and off a couple of times but never really for any project.
That changed when I began implementing my bachelor thesis and I considered three.js to do it.

A chose three and did not regret it!
I wanted to thank you, since this library has allowed me to concentrate on the model generation which was the topic of my thesis.
The visualization was easy enough with three.js and the eco system allowed for some rather easy additions to make it accessible.

If I have the time in the future I want to publish my thesis in a blog and allow others to easily use the implementation I created.
But more so I want to create a post to share my tips and tricks with the community, to give something back.

In the meantime I wanted to show you my demo which I used in the presentation of my thesis.
The basic concept is geometry generation by extrusion of a polygon alongside a curve.
I’ve generalized this idea and extended it to include smoothness concerns, geometric properties, subsystems and subdivision tools.

The result is hinted in the demo and demonstrates some of those building blocks.

Maybe its something fun to play around with :slight_smile:

You can find the hosted demo here:


I second your praise for the three.js (and in my case r3f) teams, such good libraries!

Your demo is super cool!