Cider Rocks! [MeshSurfaceSampler + Texture, gradient, modified pass]

Hi community!



As usual, it’s all started as an attempt of an answer in a forum topic(ShaderMaterial not working correctly). Ended up with a funny sketch :slight_smile:


Beautiful, as always.

You may start a new religion with people who believe the Earth is shaped like an apple. Apple Earthers.


All hail to the great apple tree, the mother off our glory appleshaped earth.

Beautiful as every time

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@PavelBoytchev @fleixi thanks, guys :slight_smile:
Glory to apples! :metal:

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thats looks good. @prisoner849

do you know how to achieve this morphing animation like in this site . i used gsap but its not working correctly. is shader is must wanted for these kind of morphing. or is there any other simple ways ?
if any one knows please help .