CYBER ETHNO (wind simulation)

Hi community!


Demo and source code:

It’s all started about a couple of weeks ago, when I recalled of this forum topic and had a simple wish to try to simulate wind on a grass of instanced lines. :sweat_smile:

PS Music player is at the bottom left corner. :notes:


Looks great! Although Firefox and Safari are having a hard time with the import-map. I’m getting the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Error resolving module specifier “three”. Relative module specifiers must start with “./”, “…/” or “/”.

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yes, these new demos make me open chrome :rage:

That’s not a bug, it’s a feature :rofl:

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This is beautiful both technically and visually, even the music is top notch

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Downgraded to the good old r136.
No more import-maps for this scene :slight_smile:


@Fennec Thank you very much :beers:

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Update: Selective Bloom added.

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Just a thought, since you are into fish and curves (not judging :stuck_out_tongue:), you can add some instances swimming around the island with a Cyber/Ethno version, that would be a nice addition and a strong tech demo (It already is).

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@Fennec That’s a really good idea :slight_smile:
But the scene is complete and I’ve got no plans to add something into it.

Though, I have some ideas about demos with that fish geometry :slight_smile:

PS Playing with another demo of mine Generative (Fat Lines + texture + Selective Bloom), once I had this result. For me it looks like a fox with big ears. Thus, a fennec fox :sweat_smile:



Brilliant work. Truly marvelous, @prisoner849

@emdax Thanks :slight_smile: :beers:

As an expert, I can certify, that’s definitely a fennec fox :rofl: … looking forward for you next demo


I noticed in Safari/WebKit it is reporting:

"[Error] WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: useProgram: program not valid
useProgram (three.js:12655)
setProgram (three.js:15850)
(anonymous function) (three.js:15378)
renderObject (three.js:15700)
renderObjects (three.js:15682)
renderScene (three.js:15642)
(anonymous function) (three.js:15545)
render (RenderPass.js:37)
render (EffectComposer.js:90)
(anonymous function) (pen.js:719)
onAnimationFrame (three.js:15476)
onAnimationFrame (three.js:7313)

Also noticed CPU go wild and computer slow down.
Are a lot of Three features more Chrome targeted now?

it is more like some other proud browsers do not want to implement things the way chrome does