CustomGeometry & newBone

@hofk I am beginner in three.js I was trying to develop the typescript code for the Pino.html where I can use the mesh and skeleton binding and add my new animation. but when i was trying to convert to typescript I wasn’t able to find the any function for “CustomGeometry and newBone” ex:**geoms.push( customGeometry( ++ b, 0.03, -0.88, 0.07, 0.41, 18, 20, aaOutline1 ) )**and const upperThighRight = newBone( ‘upperThighRight’, 0, -0.07, 0, -pi2 ); in my typescript.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me to run this code.

Thank you in advance,

The question surely refers to Pino - a procedurally generated and moved skeleton figure

three.js provides simple geometry at its core, but for effective use, I created custom geometry to clearly create the body parts and put them in the right position.

The bones are also created using the custom newBone function to achieve the correct positions.

To understand the principle, the previously created example may help.

However, Pino is not an example to start with as a beginner. It is already quite complex.

One possibility is to remove all bones with associated body parts piece by piece (starting from hands, feet) to better recognize the basic principle.

Usually animated figures are created with software like Blender.

Pino is a test to see to what extent you can do it procedurally. It has its limitations.
I recommend you as a beginner to look at the code of some examples of Collection of examples from :slightly_smiling_face: