Create object that receives shadow but doesn't cast any


I try to create an object that receives shadows but doesn’t cast them. If you look at the red box in this fiddle you can see that it casts and receives a shadow even if castShadow is set to false.

I was looking around a lot but could not find any solution to that so far.
Any hint highly appreciated.

That is really strange behavior. According to the docs on castShadow and receiveShadow, the following should work:

object.castShadow = false;
object.receiveShadow = true;

However, after playing with the JSFiddle, it seems that any time receiveShadow is enabled, the castShadow automatically enables as well. I wonder if you found a bug?

Found it to be related to the renderer.shadowMap.type=VSMShadowMap if I change that to another value it works as expected. The bug must be in there.


The OP has filed a bug report on this:

Thanks @EliasHasle forgot to mention that here :innocent:

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