Create bloom or glowing effect on GLTF component


I am importing a .glTF model – and i would like a small circle on it to glow with blue color.

I’ve tried adding Bloom in the following way here,

      <Canvas  camera={{fov: 30}}>
        <color attach="background" args={['#000000']} />
        <Suspense fallback={null}>
             <Effects disableGamma>
                <unrealBloomPass threshold={1} strength={1.5} radius={1} />
        <OrbitControls  minDistance={5} maxDistance={15} enablePan={false}/>
        <ProductLine models={models} position={{x: position.x, y: 0, z: 0}}/>
        <spotLight intensity={1.3} angle={0.3} penumbra={0.5} position={[0, 15, 10]} castShadow/>
        <ambientLight intensity={1}/>

And in the component setting the color in this way,

  <mesh name="Power_Button_O" geometry={nodes.Power_Button_O.geometry}  position={[0.03, 0.675, -0.26]} scale={0.16}>
           <meshBasicMaterial color={[1, 1, 20]} toneMapped={false}/>

However, all I can achieve is a white glowing bloom effect. How can I give it color?


either reduce the other values, for instance a pink would be 7, 0, 0.5. a bit of tweaking. or meshstandardmaterial and give both color and emissive the color you want, then emissiveIntensity higher than 1.

just like in blender emissive bloom will wash out the original color a bit, it’s like bright or hot light

Thank you. Changing to standard from basic worked. Hilariously I seem to only be able to make pink and light green colors though even if I make the color = {[0, 0.5, 7}] I can’t generate a blue glow