CPU simulation 8Bit

How does a processor work?
What about binary code and assembler?

These are fundamental questions in information technology resp. computer science.
It is not easy for beginners to grasp the complex interrelationships.

The simulation of an absolutely minimal and thus highly simplified processor can help.

Some years ago I therefore realized the simulation of a minimalistic 8 bit processor under Windows.

On this basis I have now generated a largely identical web variant using three.js.

However, I had to change and also omit some things. From three.js only some things are used. Noteworthy may be the use of THREE.InstancedMesh for dynamic representation of CPU, RAM and MGA display as well as the use of a canvas texture for dynamic representation of the assembler instructions and flags at the RAM cells.

More details can be found in the documentation for the simulation.

I have created a web page for the simulation. German or English can be selected with the flags.

The simulation for Windows was originally only German, e.g. the comments and also some identifiers. For the english version I have translated the comments and adapted identifiers (also abbreviations).

The website: https://cpusimulation.hofk.de/

On GitHub https://hofk.github.io/
source code hofk.github.io/CPU-Simulation-8Bit web at 6fe1ba6a7a45506d6b0293c8805791cb737fa12f · hofk/hofk.github.io · GitHub

Direct link to the web version CPU-Simulation-8Bit

The browser window should be about twice as wide as it is high.

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