Contribute to Web3DSurvey?

Back in the day, there was a website called It was super helpful because it collected device capabilities from users around the world. It then tallied and displayed the percentage of devices that supported WebGL and its related features, like extensions, max GPU capabilities, WebGL2 support, etc. As a Three.js developer, I found this data incredibly helpful in making decisions on what extensions to use, and how far to push GPU capabilities in order to to avoid compatibility issues.

Unfortunately, the creator of that site stopped supporting it, and all that data vanished. However, Ben Houston has developed a new version of it, and is looking for support in including the collection script in as many 3D sites as possible, so we can have access to all that data again!

What are everybody’s thoughts on including the collection script from on the Three.js examples? It’s only 3KB, and runs in 20ms, so it should be unnoticeable.