WebGL 2 and browser limitations

Currently I’m making a game which runs best in a Chrome browser. I enjoy using three.js and Chrome because I can implement content quickly. I also enjoy limiting the client side of the project to 1.5 Gb for the browser. This had me thinking though, I’d love to use WebGL 2 in a browser, but would it also be restricted by the resources available to a browser?

Also, are they’re plans to migrate over to Webgl 2 in the future, 1 to 2 years?
What would be the benefits of migrating over?
Currently in my project I can render 2 million faces before I have performs loss. Also I can update the positions of 70,000 vertices every render frame before I have performance loss. These are the two biggest resources bottles necks regarding my project.

This is a machine specific thing, it might has this performance on yours, but not weaker machines or specifically GPU’s. Also you’re missing a lot more details, like the actual scenario, are there LOD techniques, instancing?

I haven’t experienced a limit in storage yet, even though i don’t require those mentioned 1.5 GB yet, i load/unload assets on demand. Another option is to package your game in a webkit based container which doesn’t has such restrictions as chrome has. I honestly wouldn’t want to open a game or app which will start loading 1.5 GB of resources on my machine first.

webkit hey? Are you aware of any examples of websites using webkits and threejs? Or perhaps a tutorial about such things?

Webkit is the underlying framework of chrome, opera, vivalid etc. There are container solutions, one of the easiest to use is node-webkit.