Can't see all object from glb file exported by Blender

I made some simple mesh object with Blender which I wanna export to ThreeJS, but when I import it inside of my scene I can’t see all of my objects from blender that I exported, for instance this is my scene in Blender:

In image above I can see highlighted object, but in ThreeJS I can’t:

Here are my export settings from blender:

And here is code where I Import objects:

Here is download link to my blend file:

The cylinder is there, but very faintly under the given lighting. The camera looks subtle in Blender to me, too:

If you assign different materials to the camera and the iPad surface it’ll be visible. Or a larger bevel on the camera might help. Testing in viewers ( may be a good option before loading in your application too.

Yeah, but when I join all my objects in blender with “CTRL + J” and then export it I can see back cylinder in ThreeJS:

three.js is showing you what’s in the glTF file, i’m not quite sure what you’re asking above. If you mean backface culling, you can enable/disable that in Blender before export.

I fixed it, I just changed the way that I import gltf in my ThreeJS I used traverse instead of “for” loop:

It’s generally better to just add the whole thing:


By traversing you will lose any inherited position/rotation/scale from meshes’ parents.

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