Cant export material from blender (gltf)

Hi I am using project from view technic in blender then applying result on mesh but materiadoes not appear in three js (there is light source)

A typical error producing this result are PBR materials not configured properly. Please try to alter the materials of your gltf asset like so after loading:

gltf.scene.traverse( ( object ) => {

   if ( object.isMesh ) {

     object.material.roughness = 1;
     object.material.metalness = 0;


} );
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I’d also suggest checking your model in If the model appears correctly there, something is probably wrong with your lights. If it’s incorrect there, the model is not being exported correctly. Knowing which will help to narrow things down. :slight_smile:

Thank You SOOOOO Much,
please tell me from where You know all of this?
and is there a way to learn from You like course?