Can someone check my glb file?


Iam using an exporter to make CAD Solidworks files to glb.
But somehow all the models we export are not centered in three 3D Viewer. The model are to big / to near.

Here is the glb file. What is wrong in that file?
GLB File

I’ve imported the asset in Blender and the object has indeed an offset from the origin. So this is not a three.js specific issue. Looks like the exporter is doing something unexpected.

Besides, there are a lot of perspective cameras defined in the asset. Is this intended?

Thank you for the info.

Iam using SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality) Plugin to export the files. There is a setting where i can add the perspective cameras to the export.

I thought, that this maybe can help to center the model. But like you said the model is offset. Its seems that the model has the offset from a parent, that is not included in the export.

Is there a “easy” way to fix the glb with blender. Like a short tutorial. Press butten xyz for un-parent and after that you press …

In the three.js editor you can center the model after the import by selecting the mesh and then use Edit > Center. After that export to glb again: (3.0 MB)

There are for sure similar options in Blender but I don’t know them. Maybe searching for an answer in the Blender community.

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Thank you very much. Do you have a link to the three.js editor or do i need to set up one on my local computer?

It is: three.js editor

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