SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality)


we are using SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality) to export our models to .glb files. The glb are displayed in the three 3D viewer and also works in the Windows-10 3D Viewer.

Does somebody also using SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality) ? Because we are trying to add a default view / camara. All our glb files are way to close in the three 3D viewer.

We tried to add a camara and also tried to scale down the models, but the model is still to close (or to big) to fit in the view.


Ok than let me ask this, is it possible for different models to have a auto scale view. Or how can i set a 3D viewer to zoom to object, so it fits the view…like this : viewer.zoomTo(entity);

Looks like this:

I want this: