Cannot set camera to glb, only works

Hi there!

I’m trying to move the camera to a glb file I can’t

var helper = new THREE.BoxHelper(objectLoad.children[0]);
camera.position.z = helper.geometry.boundingBox.max.z + 100;
camera.position.y = helper.geometry.boundingBox.max.y + 100;
camera.position.x = helper.geometry.boundingBox.max.x + 100;

With that, and the object added to the scene will be enough to see it or not? I can see the bounding box, but not the object

Note: If I make an to the model I can see it, but I wanted it on the original position

Thanks in advancemodel.glb (72.7 KB)

If it helps, I do something like this in my viewer:

Thanks! I will take a look into it.

BTW, is there a standard to define the this objects?

Because in the threejs documentation says one way to extract the data

loader.load('foo.gltf', function ( gltf ) {

var scene = gltf.scene;

var mesh = scene.children[ 3 ];

var fooExtension = mesh.userData.gltfExtensions.EXT_foo;

gltf.parser.getDependency( 'bufferView', fooExtension.bufferView )
	.then( function ( fooBuffer ) { ... } );

} );

But the model I have don’t have the same info.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, sorry. The example accessing .userData is showing how to access very customized data, if you know that you’ve put custom extensions into the file already. If not, you should use the first example on the docs instead.

I’m getting closer now with your code.