Glb (glTF) model is successfully loaded but is a black cube

Hello, I have a problem with my glb model when loading it at online editor(three.js editor).

I imported my model but got a completely black cube instead, so i tried to add a pointlight.
Result is like this.

But my model is not just a cube. I got my proper model after turning to My origin model is shown blow.

I’ ll appreciate it if you can offer some help!
This is my model which was made with 3ds max.
model.glb (580.2 KB)

Your scene has an offset, it’s not centered and uses a larger scale than the editor, if you click on the camera and change the frustum to something like near 1 and far 30000 you find your scene.


When creating models it’s always advisable to center objects at the origin and use a real-world scale (1 world unit = 1 m). That makes it much easier to work with the asset.

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Thanks a lot! It works to me.