Model is visible clearly in blender camera but not in three js camera

I need urgent help regarding my project.I have a glb file exported from blender.the model looks fine in blender when looking through camera but the model is cutting some pieces in three js camera.

the below video is how it looks in blender

this below video is how it looks in three js

As you can see the parts of the body is missing sometimes and the face is also missing in the end.

I dont know why it is happening.I tried frustrumCulled = false also for the mesh but even then the issue is not solved.Also the model is with in the view frcutrum only i.e it is in between near and far of the perspective camera.So any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance

It’ll be much easier to help you, if you provide a minimal working example of this as a fiddle or a codepen. Try to export just one body element that disappears, so your model is simpler.

i dont know much about blender and exporting models from blender.this scene model is provided by client’s designer.

to display blender materials in threejs make sure that ur materials are all pbr, to render the exact material looks in blender in threejs u need to use BlendMaterial.js from three-gpu-pathtracer-main