Bloom effect not work when camera position changed in parent's coordinates

Hi I made the fucntion my project with my code.
I can check bloom effect goes well on my desktop. But with this code lines make bloom off

let lookAtVector = new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, -1);

lookAtVector = new THREE.Vector3(0, 0, -1);
lookAtVector.applyQuaternion(currentCamera.quaternion); //calculate camera's looking vector

currentCamera.position.addScaledVector(lookAtVector, -1.5); // this code makes bloom effect off
// make camera far back for mobile view

this shows blooms work

when code line currentCamera.position.addScaledVector(lookAtVector, -1.5); enabled it goes like this
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I wrote the code line for mobile, for the resolution of view of camera. (when I view the scene in mobile, I have to set my camera far back.)

You can check my scene by this website, the run back code enabled for mobile so when you look my scene in mobile than you can see bloom effect goes off.

I don’t understand why the far back camera makes bloom off…
And I have to say that the camera has own parent like this.
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Sorry if I misunderstand your question.
To do bloom effect, I think using unrealbloompass for post progressing is bettter.
If you dont to use post progressing, you can create some shpere geo with shader material.

Thanks for the reply

I know how to make bloom effect :slight_smile:

the question is bloom effect goes off when I move camera from its parent cordinate