Bloom selective animate performance


I success to implement these example : three.js webgl - postprocessing - unreal bloom selective

with my snippet with enemies who must turn on themselves :

The problem I face is that my enemies must have a rotation. The rotation happens but the performance is not great at all. (FPS is big but there are lags). What should I change to improve my rendering?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, have you found any solution? Running into a similar issue as of recently when combining rotations and bloomPass - performance drops.

No sorry

60 fps without lags. Videocard loaded 49%, CPU 25%

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It does seem to fun at stable, max fps :thinking: Do demos like this one have a good, stable performance for you? Does the bloom performance become stable when you disable rotations, but just move the camera around?

Since it’s a postprocessing effect applied to a flat image, not to the 3D scene - bloom doesn’t really “see” transformations in the scene. So regardless whether there are animations on the scene or not - bloom should behave the same way.

@espace3d @abdelshok you guys are using bloom pass wrong. there is no need for any of this code, you don’t need to render twice, copy shaders, traverse the scene, use layers, etc. that threejs example is causing so much confusion i don’t know why it still stands. bloom is selective by default, you control what glows by the emissionIntensity prop on your materials. with this you won’t run into performance problems.

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