Blender Mapping Nodes

Hi, I commissioned a 3d artist to create a 3d model for me. We’ve hit a roadblock. Despite the texture in Blender being configured as shown, after loading the gltf model, the intended texture scaling is not applied. What could be the culprit?

The artist will be able to provide the blend file tomorrow. In the meantime, I can provide a glb to those willing to help.

I understand that my question is related to: Blender 2.8 glTF Exporter Ignores Mapping nodes - #6 by DolphinIQ

The artist claims to have he tried the answers replied, to no avail. Artist is using Blender 2.93

(Already answered on discord, but I’ll leave it here in case someone’d be looking.)

Both TextureCoordinate and Mapping nodes are nicely supported by Blenders GLTF exporter. On the other hand - math, curve, blending, and other fancy nodes aren’t. And Value is a math node.

It’s generally safer to avoid using Shading tab as much as possible, unless you’re planning to bake the results - nodes there are sometimes supported only within Blender (esp. geometry / texture-modifying nodes.) And it’s kinda trial-and-error to find out which work and which do not.

As for the issue itself - a quick fix would be to replace the Value node with just typed values in the Mapping node:

Into this:

Values set directly in the mapping node are exported nicely:


Thanks for such a well-explained and illustrated answer!