Blender 2.8 glTF Exporter Ignores Mapping nodes

I have the newest Blender 2.8 Beta, happily using Principled BSDF materials. Its awesome, but Im not able to use the Mapping node for Image Texture scaling. It is applied and works nicely in Blender, but when exporting to glTF, it gets ignored and materials only look at the uv map. I’ve encountered it before 2.8, and I thought it was still work in progress, but now I’ve checked blender docs , copied the node setup, again with no success after export. I’ve made a simple cube example to showcase the problem.

box.blend (670.8 KB)



I’ve also seen some posts on github, where it was concluded, that the texture transforms work, but Im still having problems with it.
Could someone please confirm whether or not its true for Blender 2.80? Thanks

I working with obj + texture baking fine :slight_smile:

@doum OBJ is a deprecated 3D format and should not be used anymore. glTF is the way to go. It’s the recommended 3D format of three.js. More information right here:

@doum have you enabled the “Texture Transforms” option in the export menu? I think it’s off by default. And could you check the model on as well, to see if it looks better there?

Also note the details about texture transforms on — three.js requires all textures to have the same transforms, currently. But it looks like you’ve done that already in Blender.

If you’ve tried all this I’ll take a closer look at what’s going on…

OBJ is a deprecated 3D format and should not be used anymore.

@Mugen87 let’s not say it’s deprecated, but just “not best practice”, perhaps? Deprecated implies that the loader will be removed or unsupported in the future, which isn’t the case — OBJ is far too common for that, and if we were planning to drop some loaders (which i don’t think that we are) it would not be one of them. But certainly OBJ is very inefficient and limited in features compared to newer options.

Okay, yes. Indeed, my wording was not ideal. I just wanted to say that there is no reason to use OBJ as a format for asset delivery anymore. glTF is a much better option.

@donmccurdy I reinstalled blender and downloaded the latest exporter/importer from khronos group github, and now the box example works. As long as all textures in a material have the same transformation, its okay. But I tried it now with a more complicated scene and blender gives this error after 10 minutes of lag


Yeah that issue sounds like a bug, thanks for filing AssertionError when exporting with KHR_Texture_Trafsform · Issue #197 · KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO · GitHub. Let’s follow up there. :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks for help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

May be you using different node with guid in blender :frowning: I stil export fine with this config