Blender: glTF export material issue

I created a model in Blender with this water material:

But when I export as gltf and try to visualize on glTF Viewer, it gets completely flat, like if it looses its bumping component
scene.gltf (45.5 KB)

Bump maps won’t export, you’ll need to convert it to a normal map instead. See glTF addon docs for details on types of materials and nodes that can be exported. Most of Blender’s nodes do not export to any format, so you’ll need to follow those guidelines and/or bake complex graphs down to textures.


I tried to follow guidelines, but still can’t export. This is my current material setup

I’ve downloaded two textures,

In the “Normal map” section of the docs, it only says to create a Normal Map node and a Texture Node with the normal texture. But if I don’t plug also a Texture Coordinare into the Texture node, I don’t see the wave effect not even in Blender! And in both cases i see a completely flat surface when loading gltf. Am I missing something else?

It looks like you’ve selected object-space texture coordinates that Texture Coordinate node, which also won’t work. The Texture Coordinates must use UVs. If the mesh doesn’t already have UVs you can create them in Blender; search for “UV Unwrapping”.