Exported cube from blender not mapping texture correctly

I’m trying to use a texture in an exported cube from blender, but the result is the texture being applied to the whole mesh one time, and not for each face.
Left is a GLB from blender, right is a BoxGeometry from three.js

// Textures
const textureLoader = new THREE.TextureLoader();
// const bart = textureLoader.load('./logo_alta.svg');
const crate = textureLoader.load('./crate.png');
crate.flipY = false;

// Models
const loader = new GLTFLoader();

loader.load('./cube.glb', (gltf) => {
  gltf.scene.scale.set(0.2, 0.2, 0.2);
  gltf.scene.children[0].material.map = crate;
  gltf.scene.children[0].material.needsUpdate = true;

const box = new THREE.Mesh(
  new THREE.BoxGeometry(0.4, 0.4, 0.4),
  new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({ map: crate })
box.position.x = 1;

I need to be able to adjust the texture to each face. Is there any way to achieve this?

It depends on how you uv unwrapped the cube in blender, if all faces are stacked on top of each other in uv space, than the texture will be applied to each face. In your case it might be so that the cube is unwrapped in a cross-like fashion, so each face overlaps a certain part of the texture.

Yeah that was it. Thanks you!