Blender GLTF export turns RGB texture image to grey scale

Does anyone know why sometimes it exports a grey scaled texture image in the gltf export? This guy here, always turns RGB texture image into grey scale. Thanks in advance!
DilophM DilophosaurusNoAnim.FBX (2.7 MB)

You mean you import the FBX into blender 2.80, then export as .glb and the texture turns grey?

Have you verified this with other viewers such as Sketchfab?

It’s probably a blender issue. Someone here might know the answer, but you’ll have more chance if report the bug to the blender team, or ask this question on a blender forum.

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After importing the FBX into Blender (2.79), I’ve noticed that the materials refer to textures other than your shared one. After deleting those references, I’ve exported the dino to glTF using this exporter and loaded it in a viewer:


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Thanks! You mean these reference? or something else?ref

Just changed to the exporter you mentioned and the issue is gone. Thank you.

Correct. ID3.001 seems to refer to a texture that you did not share in your first post.

I guess the developers of the other exporter would be happy to know about this issue so they have a chance to fix it. Would be great if you file a bug at the respective project site.